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The search for therapy often starts from a place of wanting a thought, feeling, or behavior to stop, go away, or change. We see problems, things that need to change, and ways in which we are not enough and want to fix it. My approach to these goals is to start first from a place of gaining a greater understanding of those parts of you and then to determine what the next steps might be from a more compassionate stance.

I believe our bodies and brains work incredibly hard to keep us safe from danger in the world through a range of strategies we have adapted over the years. I also believe that sometimes these attempts at protecting us can cause other forms of harm or suffering in our lives.  

Beginning the process of therapy is scary enough without having to wonder what parts of you will not be safe to bring to the therapy space. It is so important to me that folks feel able to bring ALL of them to their work with me. Therapy is admittedly a weird process and a unique relationship unlike any other. I hold it as both sacred and absurd in equal parts. 

If you're open to learning more about your intricate inner system and bringing curiosity, compassion, and some humor to the work then we might be a great match!

Image by Aneta Foubíková


I work with adults to help them develop a greater understanding of their inner world. We are so often taught to look to others to tell us how to be or what we need that it can be a new thing to turn inward. Our work will help you look to your own internal wisdom about what you need, what feels right in relationships, and how to feel greater balance.


Together we'll work to better understand the landscape of your inner world. We'll explore behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that you've been carrying and how those were designed to serve your system as a whole. In this process, I am not the expert and I don't have or give quick fixes or swap this for that techniques. I believe all change starts from a place of truly understanding your unique experience and working to help parts of you that have been long neglected through the course of living life.



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