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I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a Certificate in Developmental Disabilities and Human Services from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I completed my Masters in Social Work at Tulane University School of Social Work. 

I have worked in a wide range of roles within the mental health world and have bounced around the US for much of my adult life. I am grateful to be setting some roots here in New Braunfels and connecting to this community. 

My focus is on helping people find clarity and hope in the face of emotional turmoil. I believe that all people already have everything they need and see our work as a process of helping bring more of that into the world. Life is hard, our systems adapt to our experiences to keep us safe in any way they can, and it is my honor to help folks better understand the way their system is uniquely set up so they can move into more authentic living. 

There are undoubtedly better therapists out there. There are people who have more or just different training, skill, expertise, clinical knowledge, and lived experience. If you are looking to work with the perfect person, you might be disappointed. Sometimes I get sick, take time off, mentally respond to texts but forget to actually send them, and get cases of the Mondays...or Tuesdays...

I am unapologetically human and believe that is part of the magic. I get moved to tears and will tell you when I think something is bullshit. If you're going to therapy to be in the presence of an expert who has it all figured out for themselves and you, I'm probably not your person. But if you want to sit in a room with a human and get to be your full human self for an hour and see how it is to actually make room for ALL of you -- the messy, imperfect, deeply authentic you -- then you've come to the right place. 

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