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Services offered exclusively via telehealth to folks in Texas and Massachusetts

Image by Laura Nyhuis


I am an IFS trained therapist and hold this as my primary therapeutic frame for viewing people, the clinical work, and our relationship. I utilize other strategies within the work as helpful or appropriate. My work with folks is focused on deepening understanding of the self, increasing comfort with emotion, and increasing capacity for self-compassion.

Image by Christina Deravedisian


I am a Board Approved Clinical Supervisor in the state of Texas and gladly offer supervision toward LCSW licensure. My supervision style is a blend of professional and personal. I believe one of the greatest benefits of supervision is to better understand what aspects of the personal are blending in to the professional work. I focus on helping clinicians gain confidence in use of experiential methods and developing the therapeutic presence to best support their clients.


Before sharing my values, I will speak to the lenses that inform the ways I move through the world.

I am a white, cisgender, queer woman.

I was raised in a middle class Catholic family though I no longer participate in the church.

I was born in the US and English is my first language.

I am not disabled, I am neurotypical, and I benefit from thin privilege.

I have had lifelong relationships with anxiety and depression and am active in supporting on own

mental and physical health.


Personal and professional values that are at the heart of my practice and inform my work with all clients


I ardently believe and operate from a stance of believing in the inherent dignity and worth of all human beings. Period. I do not believe that worth and value need to be earned or proven throughout our lives. I commit to undoing shame, feelings of aloneness, and the experience of "not enough" in all people.


I welcome people of all gender identities and expressions and people of all sexualities. I commit to creating a safe space for these individuals in a historically unsafe environment. The counseling world has a dark history of being LGBTQ+ pathologizing and shaming. I am open to exploration of gender, sexuality, and relationship style in all its many forms. I commit to be non-shaming, non-pathologizing, open, and supportive.


I work to take the steps to be in active allyship with BIPOC communities and individuals. I have been on a journey of unpacking my own whiteness and the role I play in perpetrating white supremacy through direct or indirect use of my power and privilege. I commit to be open to feedback about ways in which my actions or words have caused harm and to create a safe space for BIPOC individuals in a historically unsafe, pathologizing, and stigmatizing setting. I commit to be culturally affirming in my practice. I commit to challenging racist actions in my practice and in my community.

I believe in working to create safety and inclusion in the my practice and community for people who have cognitive or physical differences. I commit to being strengths-focused and to work on finding ways to live a full and meaningful life. I commit to being open to and supportive of people who have visible or invisible disabilities of all natures.



I approach the relationship with food and exercise from an Intuitive Eating lens. I honor the Health at Every Size approach to understanding the overlap between weight and health care. I support folks in navigating a relationship to food, exercise and their body that is respectful, honors internal wisdom, and addresses personally meaningful goals for health.


I deeply hold and believe that all humans experience suffering in their lives. I believe that humans are hugely adaptable to traumatic experiences in childhood and beyond that create and inform future behaviors and thought patterns. I hold a non-judgmental and open stance to all human behavior as being worthy of understanding and exploration if there is going to be any possibility of change. I commit to working to understand fully the ways in which every person has uniquely found a way to survive in their life and to creating an opportunity for making lasting change through compassion and deep understanding.

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